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http://www.portableplatypus.com is a blog dedicated to handheld video gaming, be it the newest 3DS and Vita, mobile, retro or obscure. We are looking for passionate writers to increase content production. You should have access to at least one portable gaming device, a solid grasp of the English language, and a passion for gaming. Ideally you will contribute a minimum of one piece per month, but this is less a strict rule and more a general guideline.

Until the site's revenue is sufficient, you will not be paid a flat rate per post. Instead, you will be able to insert personal Amazon affiliate links into your work (or iTunes if it's an iOS game). Whenever a reader clicks your link and buys the game, you receive 5.5% as commission to your viglink.com account, which is what you will use to create the affiliate links (viglink.com/products/anywhere). These links will remain on the site forever, making them a lifelong source of potential revenue.
 If you have an affiliate account with Amazon, then you don't need to use Viglink.

At around 10k views per month, the site is still finding it's legs, so you shouldn't join with the idea that you'll be making an income, but with dedicated, consistent writers on board, our audience will continue to grow, meaning more potential clicks on your links.

Above all, we're looking for passionate writers, so if you love handheld gaming, we'd love to hear from you. You can reach us at portableplatypus[at]gmail[dot]com or by using the contact form below. In order to be considered, you should show at least one (fully written) piece of writing demonstrating your ability.

Note: Residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, or Rhode Island are ineligible for Amazon affiliation. You must have a Paypal account to receive payments from Viglink.

Interested in a guest blogging opportunity? Use the form below to pitch your idea. Include the URL to the site you want to link to.

Feel free to contact us for any other reason as well.



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