Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top 5 Free Android Games of December 2014

Roller Polar by Nitrome

Roller Polar is a one-button endless runner (roller?) in which you control a bear running on a snowball as it careens downhill, picking up anything in its way, including rocks, trees, wildlife, and snowmen. The procedurally generated sequences of obstacles and tight controls make for a simple but challenging game that's perfectly suited for 10 minute bursts every now and again. 

Jump Car by Ketchapp

Jump Car is about a car, that jumps. A short tap hops over cars, and a long tap jumps up to the next level. Enemy cars' behavior become increasingly varied as you ascend. Some fast, some slow, some chase you, others don't turn around at the end of the screen, etc. The greatest challenge comes from having the patience to know when to make the jump. 

Air Control 2 by Four Pixels

Air Control 2 has you landing various aircraft in real-time by dragging a path for them to follow. Helicopters go to the landing pad, large planes to the long runway, and so on. More aircraft gradually enter the screen as time goes on for a smoothly scaling difficulty that doesn't feel overwhelming at all. It's a thrilling challenge trying to micromanage every aircraft so they don't collide. It can be difficult to land the helicopters on smaller screened devices, but it's a minor complaint for an otherwise great game. 

Jump by Ketchapp

Another one by Ketchapp, Jump has you navigate a bouncing from the beginning of a level to its exit. The first few levels are fairly linear but the complexity quickly increases with keys, backtracking, and platforms that diminish with each bounce. The only complaint for this methodical puzzle platformer is the frequent popups which display ads after each level, but that's no reason to not give this one a try.

Hearthstone by Blizzard Entertainment

Chances are you're already aware of Blizzard's wildly successful online card game, Hearthstone, so I won't go into too much detail here. Simply put, it's a card battle game based on the characters found throughout World of Warcraft. It's dead simple compared to most card games but, like the board game Go, that simplicity leads to a staggering amount of depth. If you're not willing to spend money it'll take a while to grind for all of the cards, but given the quality of the game that's not at all unreasonable. Anyone looking to play the Android version will need a decently powerful device with a 6+ inch screen.

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