Monday, December 1, 2014

Top 5 Free Android Games of November 2014

Stick Hero by ketchapp

Stick Hero has players create planks of variable length to get a ninja from one rooftop to the next. This simple concept is harder to execute than one would think, as going beyond a rooftop's edge, or falling short, means death. Holding a touch down quickly extends the stick vertically while releasing it will drop it across the gap. A narrow sweet spot in the middle of each building will reward extra points. It gets especially tricky when the building is very narrow and on the other side of the screen. It's a fun trial-and-error timewaster that's perfectly suited for 5-minute bouts.

Grappling Garry by Dockyard Games

Grappling Garry can be loosely described as a vertical Flappy Bird. It's addictive in the same sort of well-designed way. Floating hooks and bombs litter the sky for Garry to grapple to, giving you until Garry reaches the hook and begins to fall to decide which hook to grab next. Garry can switch between hooks mid-grapple, and indeed, this becomes necessary at some points to avoid mines. Between keeping hooks in play to grapple to if you need to fall back down to avoid a mine, or using them up to avoid the risk of missing the points, to going for near-miss bonuses on the mines, there's a deceptive amount of complexity to be enjoyed here. 

One More Line by SMG Studio

One More Line is a one-button game reminiscent of Clu Clu Land for the NES as it uses a similar auto-rotating grapple mechanic. Touching the screen will cause you to grapple to the nearest node and rotate around it at the fixed radius it was grappled from. Release has to be timed in order to get to the next node while avoiding crashing into the walls. Its simple, intuitive style showcases just what makes a mobile game, a mobile game. You may find yourself sneaking a few lines in the bathroom. 

Stories of Bethem by GuGames DEV

Stories of Bethem is a Zelda-esque adventure by GuGames DEV that may very well be one of the biggest games you'll get for free on the platform, with a vast Kingdom to explore, 400 treasures, and 10+ hours of gameplay. As most of the free games month to month are very simple games with one or two controls suited for killing time, it's nice to see something with a little meat on its bones.

Just Get 10 by Veewo Game

Just Get 10. Simple, right? Not exactly. It starts out that way though. Click adjacent tiles of the same number to select the group, then click the tile on which you want them to converge and upgrade to the next number type. At first,  you won't really know what you're doing, combining tiles with no rhyme or reason, but by the second or third game, something clicks. Suddenly you're clicking tiles an autopilot, intuitively understanding the optimal moves without knowing how you know, but you don't stop to think about it for fear of breaking flow. Now there's some method to the madness, as you begin to prioritize ridding the screen of the smallest numbers, building up large groups before condensing to that next highest type. Time ceases to exist. All that matters is getting 10. Play for long enough and you may find the face of god. As someone who isn't the biggest puzzle game fan, this one took me by surprise. There's fundamental mathematical beauty within this game's simplicity.

Those are my picks for November's best free android games. Be sure to check out October's list, and stay tuned for the Top 5 Free Android Games of December 2014.

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