Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Top 5 Free Android Games of September 2014

The Battle Cats by PONOS

The Battle Cats is of the single-lane variation of tower defense games in which you're tasked not only with defending your own tower, but with bringing down the opponent's. The first few levels start off slow but quickly snowballs (hairballs?) into a furry frenzy. The gameplay lies within deciding which elements to upgrade and in what order. You may decided to speed up gold production so you can try to zerg-rush the enemy base with an army of basic soldier cats, or maybe you want to take the longer approach and beef up the tank unit to bide your time and rack up gold for the heavy hitting units. It's the type of game that taps into our basic compulsions with constant unlocks, upgrades, and the satisfaction of snowballing your power. If you've played one, you've played them all, but those new to the genre could easily lose an hour or two in the blink of an eye.

ICE by ice cold muffin


At first glance ICE just looks like another Galcon clone but it takes a slightly different approach to the planet-conquering RTS genre. While Galcon uses a planet's HP to create ships at the player's will, the planets in ICE generate ships automatically and have a fixed HP. Tapping a location will move all on-screen player ships to that location. Crossing paths with an enemy fleet will have them auto fire upon each other. Killing enemy units and conquering planets will grant EXP. Upon filling the bar, your units' Attack, HP, or Speed (assumed to be attack speed) can be increased. You're pitted against 4 other colors in the free version's one map which can be played on 3 difficulty modes, with Hard mode starting you off with just one planet. If you're into macroscopic strategy games, this one won't disappoint. Recommended for phones with larger displays or tablets for maximum visibility.

Spider-Man Unlimited by Gameloft

While the basic runner formula remains more or less unchanged in Spider-Man Unlimited, it manages to contextualize the gameplay in such a way that almost makes you forget it is one. In addition to the traditional lane changing, sliding and jumping mechanics, the game also adds mechanics like web-swinging and punching baddies. The visuals are crisp and vibrant, and voice-acted cut-scenes serve to break up the monotony that usually accompanies games of this genre. It's probably the most action-packed, cinematic runner on the market that fans of the source material and/or runners should definitely check out.

Zombie Harvest by Creative Mobile Games

Zombie Harvest parodies the most popular free games, most of all Plants vs Zombies,  but is thankfully more than a shameless clone. Instead, it gears itself more toward the action side of things, requiring you to select plants individually and tap to fire at 25 types of enemies across 90 levels. If PopCap's wildly successful strategy game didn't do it for you, maybe the more action-packed Zombie Harvest is up your alley.

Do Not Crash by HU WEN ZENG

Do Not Crash is essentially a simplified version of Dodge 'Em on the Atari 2600 and has all the addictive qualities necessary for a hit mobile game. There is a single mechanic consisting of tapping the screen to change lanes in order to avoid the 3 oncoming vehicles. It's deceptively tricky. The cars will start off grouped but will gradually fan out into more complex formations, requiring you to weave in and out. As you get caught up in trying to work out the timing, your eyes tend to get confused due to the curvature of the track and the fact that the cars are traveling in the opposite direction. Round and round you'll go trying to best yourself.

That's all for this month. Leave a comment below if you feel I've missed anything. 

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