Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top 5 Free Android Games of August 2014

Brave Trials by I Got Games

If there's one genre the mobile market absolutely crushes dedicated handhelds in it's MMOs. I'm sure that'll all change soon enough, but for now, mobiles take the cake, and Brave Trials seems to be one worth checking out on Android. An action RPG with fast-paced combat, a vibrant world, great music, and over 120 skills makes it one of the top free games of the month. Fans of Zenonia should enjoy this one. 

Toy Rush by Uber Entertainment

Tower defense is tower defense is tower defense, but Toy Rush is also tower offense. The maze-building mode lets players design their own bases which they can then defend from their friends, as well as attack theirs with a unique cast of toy-based creatures, including sharks with top-hats, flying robot unicorns, and a puppet girl/giant bear combo (have you seenr Tibbers?). It's all one could ask for and more in a good tower defense game.

Dawn of the Immortals by Perfect World Entertainment

Dawn of the Immortals looks like it could be a PC MMO from a few years back, which is a testament to both mobile tech and the developers. Perfect World Entertainment have been in the MMO sector for a while now and it shows. Dawn of the Immortals features real-time hack & slash combat, a pet system, mounts, and an auction house. It's a great looking game and should be of interest to anyone looking for a mobile MMO.

Arcane Soul by mSeed

Arcane Soul is a side-scrolling action RPG featuring vibrant spritework, intense combat, and oh so many combos. With 3 unique playable characters, there's some definite replay value here. This is the first game under the publisher's belt and it's a solid foray into mobile gaming. Arcane Soul is a very well put together package that fans of Vanillaware will love.

 Finger vs Axes by Brutal Studio

While not as technically or visually impressive as many of the other games on this list, Finger vs Axes deserves a mention for utilizing mobile hardware in a unique way. In this game the player is the literal enemy to the in-game baddies. Finger vs Axes has enemies attacking the player's finger as it moves around screen utilizing various weapons to retaliate. It's simply silly fun.

Until the technological singularity irreversibly improves our species, I'm only human, so leave a comment if you disagree with my fallible subjectivity. That's all for this month, check back at the exhaust-end of September for another 5 free Android games worth playing.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Azure Striker Gunvolt hits 3DS eShop with free Mighty Gunvolt until 11/28

The much-anticipated Azure Striker Gunvolt has come to the 3DS eShop for $14.99. A reasonable price for such a polished title for sure, but there's more: Those who buy the game between now and Nov 28 will also be able to download Mighty Gunvolt for free, a NES-style title harkening back to the classic Mega Man games, featuring characters from Gunvolt as well as Beck from Mighty No. 9. Mighty Gunvolt will be released as a standalone download on 12/1.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle brings SEGA goodness to your Android for charity

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is brings SEGA games to your Android device while supporting Child's Play, WaterAid, and Unicef. Sonic 4 Episode I, ChuChu Rocket, and Virtua Tennis Challenge can be yours for whatever amount of money you feel like paying. Beating the average will also get you Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Sonic 4 Episode II, Crazy Taxi, and the currently veiled mystery games.

Here's hoping we see some more publisher-specific mobile bundles in the future. As of this writing, there are 13 days and 22 hours left on this one, so make like Sonic and speed on over to to grab yourself some great games for a great price while supporting some great causes.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is live

The sixth Humble Mobile Bundle is live with 11 days left on the clock. Any donation will get you Eliss Infinity, Duet Premium (which is debuting via the bundle), and the special edition of Combo Crew. Beating the average (currently $4.46) will also get you Threes!, Mines of Mars, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: Full Game and the currently veiled mystery games. 

To date over 45k bundles have been sold for a combined total of over $200k, a portion of which will be going to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which fights to defend your rights in the digital world, and Child's Play, a charity which brings video games to children in hospitals.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Watch a fish play Pokemon Red/Blue

Twitch Plays Pokemon is a collaboration/war among Twitch viewers to navigate various Pokemon games via a mass of collective input, but now you can watch a fish play through the first generation all on its own. Created in 24 hours for HackNY, Fish Plays Pokemon uses motion tracking to detect where a Betta fish, Grayson Hopper, is in his tank, which is divided into a grid with each square corresponding to an input.

The game has been going for 130+ hours. Grayson has obtained a Charmander, nicknamed AAAABBK, and has defeated his rival. Not bad for a fish. At the moment, he's spending most of his playtime staring at the wall in the starting bedroom. Things are moving slow, and Mr. Hopper could theoretically die before ever reaching Pewter City, so they're considering setting up a site where users can link their own fish streams, including it in the controlling. It'll be interesting to see how long, if ever, it takes for Grayson or a network of fish take to play through the entire game.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Free Poke Ball pattern Vivillion for NA X/Y players until Aug 12

In celebration of the launch of, Nintendo are giving awa a free Vivillion with a special Poke Ball pattern to North American players until the 12th. Simply connect your 3DS to the internet, select "Mystery Gift" from the main menu, followed by "Receive Gift" and then "Get Via Internet". Then just speak to the girl in any Pokemon Center to receive it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Double the games in Aug Club Nintendo rewards

This month's Club Nintendo catalog includes 4 games for the 3DS and another 4 for Wii/U, double the usual 2 a piece. The 3DS side of things includes Dr. Mario Express and Puzzle League Express for 200 coins each, as well as Mario Golf and Baseball for 200 and 150 coins, respectively. Super Mario Bros. 2 and Excitebike can be had on the Wii U for 200 coins a pop, while Starfox 64 and Vegas Stakes can each be redeemed on either the Wii or Wii U for 250 coins.