Monday, February 17, 2014

Twitch Plays Pokemon is pure insanity

The platform has ushered in an era where it's possible to make a living playing video games all day. To most, it's a Farfetch'd dream, but a relative handful are lucky enough to live it. They entertain us with their skill, humor, and educate us on the finer points of their respective games of choice. Twitch Plays Pokemon is a social experiment that turns that dynamic on its head, giving control of the game to the viewers by using an automatic script and a modified Pokemon Red ROM to translate user chat into in-game commands. There are currently around 75k viewers and the chat is a constant flood of input. With a 20+ second delay and a lot of trolls, navigating the game world is easier said than done, especially when the floor is littered with traps. This could take a while...


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