Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pokemon Bank Finally Arrives

It's been an especially cold winter. Pokemon fans the world over were promised a very special piece of software to go along with their newly acquired Pokemon X and Y games, but the voracity of the fans proved too much for Nintendo's infrastructure, causing the long-awaited Pokemon Bank to be delayed. That was a little over a month ago, but it feels like millenia. But Nintendo have delivered, after all. Pokemon Bank is now released to the world for all to enjoy. Entire boxes of Pokemon can now be transferred, a definite improvement over painstakingly transferring 6 at a time, but the process seems a little inefficient. Transfer one box from B/W/B2/W2 to the Bank using the Transporter, then from the Bank to X or Y. Hopefully they'll flesh that out. At any rate, the Pokemon X and Y economy will have new life breathed into it, and now we can destroy n00bs over the internet with our perfectly sculpted killing machines. Today is a good day. 

Activating before 3/14 will get you a 30 day trial. Afterwards, it's $5 per year. Also, following the steps below, you can get a free Celebi before Sep 30. 
1. Upload a Pokemon to the bank
2. Save and quit, then go to Pokemon X or Y's menu
3. Select "Pokemon Link" to get your free Poke Miles or Battle Points (whichever you chose in Bank)
4. Open Bank and select the option to use it again to receive a Celebi from the guide
5. Claim it with Pokemon Link in your X or Y game


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