Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pokemon X/Y cloning method discovered

Using the age-old turn-off-the-game-mid-trade method discovered back in GENERATION ONE, youtuber Mootypwns has managed to clone a shiny Charizard. It's baffling that this wasn't found during testing. Here's hoping it's patched promptly. Wouldn't want those hundreds of hours spent IV breeding and EV training to be rendered pointless, because it wasn't pointless to begin with, right? RIGHT!? COMPETITIVE POKEMON IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.

In all seriousness, this can only hurt the game's economy. It's extremely rewarding working to craft the perfect killing machine, and exciting knowing that an intense battle went in your favor because you settled for nothing less than perfect stats where they mattered. But even more significant to the average player is the value of shiny Pokemon. Using this method, they can be duplicated tenfold in a matter of hours and sent out over Wonder Trade without the recipient knowing they've been giving an exact non-unique replica shiny with the same exact stats as the original. That 1/8192 chance of encountering a wild shiny Pokemon, or however long it takes to chain one, becomes meaningless.

See how it's done in the video below, but please keep your duped Pokemon to your own game, and don't use them in online battles. Better yet, just don't do it. 


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