Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's National Streetpass Weekend right now

Been itching for some streetpasses? Need some puzzle pieces? Or maybe you just want your plaza to look a little bit more lively? Fear no more, the 3DSweekend is here and it’s time to get those streetpasses! “But Alex” you may ask “I never get streetpasses, I wander the earth alone in search of soldiers for Find Mii, the only streetpass I ever get is from the creepy kid who lives at the end of my block”. “Well young padawan” I would respond “ take yourself to your nearest Starbucks, Best buy or other Nintendo zone you should, and quit complaining you will.”  

You may have heard that you can get streetpasses from “Nintendo Zones” now if you’ve updated your 3DS recently. This weekend (until the end of Sunday), Nintendo will be pinging around street pass id’s all across the county. That means that if you walk into a Starbucks in, say, New York with your 3DS or 2DS you can get a streetpass from, say, Nebraska. Any Nintendo Zone will hold up to 6 completely random streetpasses from anywhere in the U.S. If this seems slightly inconvenient and like a bit of a marketing ploy, it’s because it is! But the upshot of this is that Nintendo is highly encouraging 3DS owners to get out and share. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who owns Fire Emblem, A Link Between Worlds, or any other streetpass compatible game. More people should be carrying around their Nintendo handhelds this weekend so who knows? You might make some friends? Then maybe that creepy kid at the end of the block will be jealous.

Happy Passing!


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