Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Project Triniate aims to be a 3DS browser MMO

There are a handful of handheld games, such as Pokemon and Monster Hunter that would arguably be greatly improved if turned into a portable MMO. Sure, the Vita has Phantasy Star Online 2 but that's yet leave Japan, and that still leaves 3DS owners without their MMO fix. 

3DSPlaza's Robdeprop is working to change things with Project Triniate, a 3DS MMO project that runs in the browser, which is no small task considering the lack of flash support. The game is in its very early stages. The player is confined to a single map decorated with a grassy landscape, river, volcano, a a single goblin. Menu and chat systems are in place, and gameplay currently consists of four directional movement, a run function, and two attacks. One seems to be a short-ranged melee attack while the other is some sort of long-range magical beam. The hit detection is also pretty rudimentary, so it's hard to make attacks connect. To top it off, frequent server errors disrupt gameplay. Project Trinate still has a long way to go, so it's unclear whether the game's current flaws will be rounded out, or if they're a result of the browser's limitations. Either way, it's interesting to see a developer even attempt such a lofty goal. 

A $1 donation will let you play the current build and help fund the game's development. This is a recurring bill that'll ask for another buck every half decade, so if you can spare a measly 20 cents a year, head on over to Triniate's official website to get on board. Those who donate can grant one other person access to the game. I'll use this privilege on the first to leave a comment with their 3DSPlaza username.


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