Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Top 5 Special/Limited Edition Handhelds

As a video game collector, something I enjoy even more than collecting games is collecting limited or special editions of game consoles. Handhelds just happen to have some of the best special editions ever, especially Nintendo's handhelds. Let's look at the best special edition handhelds to date, based on appearance and overall awesomeness.

#5 - Zelda Limited Edition 3DS

This beautiful 3DS perfectly captures the simplistic yet unique style of the Legend of Zelda series. It features the series' trademark gold color and a glossy black finish that looks phenomenal. However, the Legend of Zelda series has gotten plenty of special editions of everything, putting this handheld at #5.

#4 - Pokemon Gameboy Color

Hey, what can I say, I'm a sucker for a blue D-Pad! Wait no, that's not right, I meant to say I'm a sucker for anything even mildly Pokemon related. Can you blame me, who isn't right? This Gameboy Color is extremely bright and vibrant and is covered in colors, which is a good thing unless you are a minimalist. Of course it is also Pokemon themed, which keeps this Gameboy Color only at #4 not because Pokemon themes are bad (they certainly aren't), but because Pokemon special edition consoles have been done to death.

#3 - NES Gameboy Advance SP

No special edition console, handheld or home, has ever been as great of a retro homage as the NES Gameboy Advance SP. Flashing the NES colors and textures, but with the powerful guts of a back-lit GBA SP capable of awesome 32-bit graphics! Unfortunately, the line of NES remakes released along with this handheld was lazy and weak, putting this at #3.

#2 - Mother 3 Gameboy Micro

What even needs to be said? If you've played Mother 3, whether it be in Japanese or the fan-translated English version, you know the game is amazing. Fans have been pushing for Nintendo to officially release the game in the West for years, however I highly doubt our dreams will ever come true. In Japan though, they didn't just get Mother 3, they got this amazing special edition handheld as well! It is a mix of glossy shades of red and it is a Gameboy Micro, which is a really cool handheld by itself. Of course the best part about this is that is represents a very special game, Mother 3.

#1 - Coca-Cola Game Gear

Here you go SEGA fanboys. To be honest, I don't even like the Game Gear as a handheld, but this is easily the greatest looking and most awesome special edition handheld ever made. Everybody's favorite soda, or at least my favorite, combined with a pretty good handheld. The Coke red makes this handheld very visually appealing, but the real thing that made me fall in love with this is the fact that it is Coca-Cola branded. Call me a Capitalist Pig, call me completely biased, I don't care. This is my favorite special edition handheld, now I'm gonna go drink a Coke.

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