Monday, December 31, 2012

Great Free iOS Games You Don't Know

Going through the "Free" section of the App Store yields flimsy "Lite" editions of popular games and crappy, juvenile platformers. Sure there's good ones out there, but chances are you already know/have played games like Jetpack Joyride or Temple Run. There are a few games out there that have not received the popularity these game have earned, even though they absolutely deserve them. I would recommend everyone to check these games out, because the best things in life are, in fact, free.

BATTLE NATIONS- Here's a game so deep it has its own Wiki site with over 700 pages. The formula of collecting resources, building workshops and units, and battling both friends and enemies has been cloned into other popular games such as Clash of Clans or Smurf Village, but this one is vastly superior. The funny dialogue between the characters, endless missions, and subtle references throughout the game make it fun to play and it has become a habit to check on my nation when I wake up. Nanopods, a valuable currency that can upgrade units and speed up production, can be bought or earned through watching advertisements or downloading apps. This really only starts to become an inconvenience in the later levels of the game, which could take months to reach. Even so, it isn't enough to diminish this amazing game, which would well be worth 2 or 3 dollars. Be sure to friend me at _FoxyGrandpa_
FROTZ-  Text adventures are a pretty much extinct genre of video games. Now that grapich capabilities have reached almost near-perfect realism, it's hard to get excited over "a large ogre attacks you". But the charm and effort that goes into writing, mixed with your own imagination, is still an interesting experience that Frotz delivers. Frotz comes with a large number of some of the more popular  text adventures, including the legendary ZORK. You also have access to a database to download more adventures through a search system. For first-time text adventurers, I recommend 9:05. The writing and goals are clear, and although you can complete it n roughly 10 minutes, I'll guarantee you'll give it more than one runthrough.

STAIR DISMOUNT- Also available (and also free) on Android, Stair Dismount combines the American passions of people falling and getting hurt with pushing buttons. The whole aim of the game is to find the most painful way for the unfortunate dummy to fall by measuring direction and power of the original push. Extra levels, dummies, and the dismemberment feature can be purchased for a small fee. But if you just can't wait for the next Jackass or America's Funniest Home Videos, look no further to satisfy your sadistic humor.
LETTER BY LETTER FREE- Alright, technically this is the "free" version of a game, put the advertisements really don't affect me at all and frankly I don't know why you would pay to get rid of them. Letter by Letter is the latest addition to the turn-based game craze, with a weird but satisfying mixture of Words with Friends and Connect Four. Taking letters and stealing your friends creates a constant change of leaders, and often you can never tell who's going to win until the last move. This creates a deep competitiveness that almost always has me pressing the rematch button.
SPACETEAM- You might have heard about this from internet ravings, but that's mostly because Spaceteam is one of the most fun co-op games out there. Up to 4 friends can connect via WiFi to try and save their spaceship by following the instructions presented to them. The catch: your instructions are presented to your friends. In order to keep yourself alive, cooperation, timing, and shouting are necessary. To make things more difficult, panels will fall off, goo will cloud the labels, and names will be randomly replaced by symbols that have to be described amidst the chaos. You'll sound like crazy, stupid nerds ("ACTIVATE THE TELEPHASERS! SET PROTOBEAM TO SEVEN! TAKE OUT THE LAUNDRY"), but that's all part of the fun. For free!
BOUNTY BOTS- Cowboys, Robots, and shooting. These are just some of my favorite things, and they are all mashed together in this multiplayer battle from MunkyFun. Play online with other robot cowboys and collect coins found dispersed around the 3 different maps. Killing a player drops all their money which you can collect too, and deposit into safes found in certain sections, which add to your score. Bonuses are given for big deposits, so it is worth it to go big even with a high price tag on your head. Leveling up unlocks new guns/sombreros, and for what it's worth (nothing) you don't have a reason not to pick it up.

More will be added as they come along, but hopefully this list added some great games to your iPhone or iPod for no cost at all.


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