Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Super Mario Bros. for the original NES was a masterpiece that single-handedly brought the video game industry out of dark economic times. To this day few games have even come close to its brilliant level design, memorable music, and perfect difficulty. However, the NES version is not the definitive version, but instead the Gameboy Color version, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, offers the truly greatest 8-bit Super Mario Bros. experience.

We all know how amazing Super Mario Bros. is, so I am not going to go into too much detail regarding  the core gameplay. You want to know how the game plays? It is incredible, there you go. I am focusing on how good of a remake this actually is, and why it is the definitive version of Super Mario Bros.

The moment you start up the game you will notice that it looks stunning. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is easily one of the best looking GBC games ever made with clear, crisp, and colorful sprites and no graphical glitches. Super Mario Bros. on the NES often had lines flash on the screen in some sections, but Deluxe removes all of that. There is also a new world map that is shown in between levels. You can not actually travel around the map and you are forced to simply continue onward to the next level, but it is very nice eye candy to break up your koopa-stomping action. In case the enhanced graphics were not enough for you, there is also some beautiful artwork that can be unlocked.

While many would agree that Super Mario Bros. on the NES had infinite re-playability, Deluxe has even more. Introducing a records system, you can now compete against the computer's score as well as your friends' scores that are registered on a leader board. You basically just play until you run out of lives, and when you get a game over you enter your initials and the game saves your score. Aside from playing the main game, you can also re-play any level in the game at any time with the added challenge of finding all of the hidden red coins on each level. Even after finding every treasure, you can still re-visit these levels at any time allowing you to play your favorite level over and over again.

When you get a game over, which you will, saving your score is only one addition. The other addition is that the game is now optimized for gaming on the go. In the original game running out of lives meant restarting the entire world, but now you have the option to continue and restart at the beginning of the level you just died on. You can also save in between levels. This makes the game much more portable as you can turn it on and off at essentially any time. You never have to worry about losing a lot of progress, and there is no major penalty if you lose your last life because the car hit a speed bump and dropped your Gameboy Color.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is not only the ultimate Super Mario Bros. experience, but it is the ultimate Gameboy Color experience as well. Tons of unlockables, multiple ways to play against your friends, new challenges, better graphics, and superb re-playability make this a must have title in your collection.

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Released: 1999-05
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo 


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